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Meet our Team

Martin Rojas – In Memoriam

Martín made it a career decision to strive for sustainability. He founded co.hilo as a large experiment, and his vision continues to guide our purpose.
Andrés Giraldo

Andrés Giraldo – Coffee farmer

I have lived and worked in Jardín my entire life. I want that my family can have a dignified life from coffee farming.

Thomas Marufke – Aufsichtsrat

I came together with the co.hilo team to fundamentally change the coffee trading system. Join the weave!
Patricia Arroyave

Patricia Arroyave – Educator

I started the project Jardín Municipio Lector in 2004 with the goal of developing critical thinking in young people and adults in Jardín. Since 2019 co.hilo has supported the project and given me the possibility to dedicate myself to this work that I truly love.

Barbara Niño – Designer

I'm a Colombian Art Director & illustrator based in Leipzig, Germany. I focus my work on creating effective communication thanks to the construction of clear messages.
Robinson Giraldo

Robinson Giraldo – Coffee farmer

I learned about coffee farming from my father and my grandfather. I really like to work on my coffee farm and for me it is very important to only sell best quality coffee.

Philipp Walter – Vorstand

Marta Rojas

Marta Rojas – Local administrator

I have been living in Jardín for over 20 years, and know the struggles of coffee farmers really well. Since 2013, I manage my own coffee brand, Yerbasanta, and since 2019 I have supported co.hilo in all the organizational topics within the coffee region.

Tiago Volpato – Vorstand

I am a designer from Brazil, interested in the design process and the many different outcomes it can have. I believe that combining design with entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to have real positive impact in the world.

Melissa Bejjani – Aufsichtsrat

I am passionate to make a change. A change in consumption. A change in responsibilty, for the environment, for the future, and for one another.

Denise Kemenater – Aufsichtsrat

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