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In the Co.hilo system, we can make change happen

We connect small scale farmers directly
to coffee lovers, while striving for a more
social and ecological coffee industry.

In order to solve ecological problems,
we have to tackle economic
and social problems.

Why is this change necessary?

The conventional coffee trade creates a vicious circle that results in exploitation, deforestation, and soil degradation. This culminates in negative influence on our changing climate.

The Co.hilo system explained

Promoting a systemic change is not a simple task: there is no magical solution. Here are the steps we’re taking to make it possible.


Monthly basic income

The first step is to provide a monthly basic income set according to a cooperation agreement that considers costs of production and living costs. This is how we escape the vicious cycle of exploitation in global markets, and create economic security for everyone involved.


Trust-building chain

Simply ‘more money’ does not solve the problem. That’s why the second step is to generate trust within the local community, and with our network. We achieve this via education projects, dedicated social workers, and full transparency in all our processes.



The third step is a result of the other two. We need collaborative and local solutions to support the development of climate-smart agriculture and other actions towards sustainability. We believe that a strong and trustful community with economic security is much more likely to embrace this in the long term.

Co-grow your coffee sustainably with us

This process starts with your choice. When you buy our coffee you’re an active participant in the Co.hilo system. That’s why our single-origin, high-altitude Colombian coffee feels even better than it tastes.

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