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Co.hilo began 2020 full of positive energy.
After talking to many experienced people within the coffee business, we crunched our business plan numbers, worked on our roadmap for this year, and had our first team event in Leipzig last weekend! In the picture, from left to right, some of the people who joined us – Julia, Christin, Marcela, Martín, Bárbara, Rodolfo, Tiago, Melissa, and Thomas. But even before that, many of the following actions have already started to happen this year.

We have packed and shipped the first batch of ABOs (subscriptions), so if you got yours in our crowdfunding campaign, the wait is almost over! For those who supported us with six months ABO, you will receive 4 times shipments with 1,5 kg each (total 6 kg). We did this so that we make the most of each shipment, and reduce slightly the last mile CO2 footprint. If you would like different delivery times or quantities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you haven’t purchased your ABO yet, but would like to, it’s never too late to start! We have 700kg of fresh coffee beans from the 2020 harvest of the Giraldo family on its way to Germany. With the proceeds of the crowdfunding campaign, we have already paid the family for the corresponding costs and transferred the amount for the monthly wages, as well as 6 months of wages for the educational project ‘Jardín Municipio Lector’ and for the local administration. The co.hilo system continues!

One of the outcomes of our stay in Colombia last December was the establishment of a co.hilo branch in Medellín. With the support from our new colleagues Juliana Osorio and Marcela Zapata, we plan to start testing co.hilo in the Colombian market: a new and exciting challenge! In order to do that, we are receiving support from the GIZ, with a project that funds the development of new business by expats in their origin countries: Business Ideas for Development.

Meanwhile, in Germany, we have now 2 people who will actively support us to promote co.hilo as a new system in coffee trade to companies who would like to create impact and serve our fresh coffee to their employees. If this could be interesting for your company, please contact us via email or use this form on our website.

Last, but not least, we have also been working on our brand new co.hilo webshop! After learning about co.hilo and getting excited about the concept, your question was “Where can I get this coffee?”, no need to wonder anymore! You can buy individual packages or get your Abo subscription directly from our webshop .

If you are as excited as we are, spread the word! We need more and more people to join our weave, in order to continue making great things happen.


Your co.hilo Team

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